Statcon Energiaa is an Indian Power Electronics Manufacturing company with an expertise in designing, manufacturing and technical support of equipment for static energy conversion, covering a broad spectrum of power, especially of static rectifiers. Under Mr Manoj Pande(Director) , Statcon Energiaa is now a dedicated…




Solar Inverters





  • Project bagged for 100KW solar plant at School in Faizabad
  • Agra Horticulture director asks Statcon for Solar Cold Storage collaboration
  • Amrit Foods now running on Statcon Energiaa's Solar Inverter
  • 1st set of ESS VIVASWAAN under production
  • Panel discussion on Make in India at TLA 2016 with Mr. Pande as speaker
  • Net metering applied for first batch of 10KW string Inverters
  • Production of Selco Grid Tie inverters to begin soon
  • Cold storage presentation by Statcon Energiaa at UPNEDA conference Lucknow on 16th July

Statcon Energiaa

Statcon Energiaa is an Indian Power Electronics manufacturing company, involved across four major division namely: SOLAR|POWER|DEFENCE|RAILWAYS . One of the biggest  manufacturers of Solar Inverters in India, the company is also one of the few manufacturers of Solar Hybrid Inverters in India with Technology partners Magellan Australia. Off Grid inverters, Grid Tie Inverters, Array Junction Boxes (AJB) and String Monitoring Units (SMU), along with Industrial Battery Chargers for MW plants completes an elaborate product range in the field of Solar power electronics.

A commitment to quality and innovation coupled with a large production capacity is the current motto of the company’s leadership. Under the leadership of Mr. Pande (Director) who has over 29 years of managing a power electronics manufacturing company, Statcon Energiaa is expanding its reach out to the ever growing market of Solar Inverters across the Globe.